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We have a great experience in the art sector.
Our curriculum ranges from the lighting of large museums and important artworks, to light for temporary installations.
In order to have the best lighting atmosphere, every installation needs: pointing, lighting control, reduction of reflections and cutting of harmful radiations and, lastly, setting of atmospheres.
The work begins with the project and ends with a guaranteed final result.

What We Do

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We believe in the lighting that creates the right atmosphere. We want to express our idea of light by communicating emotions , giving importance to a dreamlike layer that amazes and leaves you ecstatic. We draw our concepts by hand and then we work on them graphicaly using photo-editing programs to obtain a light effect that can transmit emotions while maintaining the promise of light. Our concepts are the result of deep study and knowledge of the subject , but they are designed in order for different light levels to be read and interpreted by everyone.

We work for architects and private clients who are looking for a lighting consultancy. during the first design phase we understand the architect’s vision and the customer needs to convert them into light.

As the project is taking shape, we are at the building site with all of the other technicians to provide assistance and ensure that the installation proceed without obstacles.

Every project ends with the lighting scenes setting, the positioning of the fixtures and with the attenction for every detail, so that the final garanteed result will be exactly as originally designed.

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